Let DOG FOOD 11 be your faithful travel companion as we navigate and guide you through funny, obscure, tragic, and curious scenes. Whether you are flying stormy skies, rumbling along on a long train ride, or testing your sea-legs on a cargo ship en-route to the orient. Prepare for take-off and departure for stories unknown.
Hop into the back seat of a yellow bug traveling the roads of Spain. Then come with us by rail and bus for a secret love affair in Locarno, Switzerland. Hop off, where we will find ourselves in front of Herbert Shergold’s photo studio, and around the corner from strange neighbours who like to hide behind their bushes and hedges. Remsen Wolff takes us on a magical mystery tour, while Wanda Tuerlinckx blasts us into the uncertain future. 
Blommers Schumm, Anton Corbijn, Tina Farifteh, Rob Hornstra, Dana Lixenberg, Robin de Puy, Viviane Sassen, Otto Snoek and Henk Wildschut share the books and films that influenced their work. And much more.
So put your seat in the upright position. Turn off all electronic devices. Open your window blinds. And contact us to order your copy right now! 

Dutch couple touring Europe in a yellow Beetle, early 1970s ©The Windig Collection, The Netherlands

Love in Locarno, 1955

Glass plate negative, c. 1920s ©The Windig Collection, The Netherlands

Tjalleberd, 1969 ©Arie Zwart

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