‘Dog Food [is] for the Mind and Soul. (...) It’s like punk-rock pamphleteering, but with a much nicer ethos.’ New York Times Magazine
DOG FOOD is an annual, not-for-profit, 72-page photography zine, edited since 2012 by photographers Arjen Zwart and Jason Eskenazi, joined by photo historian Hedy van Erp as guest editor for DF11. Loved by photo enthusiasts worldwide for combining mostly archival material with a splash of irony and a dash of cynicism.
Each issue offers a Photo Manifesto; a Foto-Roman; Photographers' Trigger-Fingers; a Tribute to Photographers that have Passed; 10/10 Lists of Photographers' 10 Films & 10 Literary Books that Influenced their Creative Lives; as well as new articles on varied themes and never before seen vintage photography. ENJOY! It’s (almost) free!
Get Dog Food 11 by paying only a small sum contributing to the cost of printing and shipping. 
Cheers and keep on barking!

From Mimi's family album, 1968-1971. DOG FOOD 11 Going Dutch

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